Lead Photographer, Artist
Work based on problem solving and passion to details​​​​​​​
Your footage is safe with me, I will copy files on cloud, local storage and private server  !
I also have dedicated website for art kasparszborovskis.art

Currently studying at the Riga Arts and Media School in the department of "Photo design specialist"
I learned a lot through self-study
My photo career started at a very young age because of my father, he is a photo camera collector.


Planning photoshoot/Set design/Lightning

Creating photography concept

Photo processing and file safety

About my personality

I have excellent communication skills 
I always meet my deadlines
I am very passionate about what I do !
If I do something, I will do it the best i can no matter anything
I can speak Russian, Latvian, English

my photography approach

Very open minded but always in search of best results​​​​​​​
I manage to see the tiniest details
think about the content and how to reflect it
any time is a good time for photography

This ad was made back in 2020 as promo
Video background
Video operator
Festival "Vides dejas"
Festival "Komma"
Ods - "UZ RInki" online concert

Camera crane operator
Live broadcasting of Jelgava State Gymnasium graduations

Video operator assistant 
KATO official music video "Es ta jutos"
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