2022 Jelgava (audio pixabay)

2022 Riga (audio pixabay)

2022 Mustene (audio pixabay)

2022 Valdeki (audio pixabay)

2022 Garoza (audio pixabay)

2022 Garoza (audio pixabay)

2020 a promotional video created to reach more audience


director of photography
Music video for Ethan Gold
Directed by Ari Gold and produced by Lonexone
Video operator
Festival "Vides dejas"
Festival "Komma"
Ods - "UZ RIŅĶI" live concert

Camera crane operator
Live broadcasting of Jelgava State Gymnasium graduations

Video operator assistant 
KATO official music video "Es tā jūtos"

2019 Jelgava 

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